Stella's Socks:
Shelter For your Feet.

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Our Mission

To Help 100,000 Homeless and Homeless Youth Find Shelter... For Their Feet.

There are over 54,000 homeless and homeless youth on the streets of Los Angeles.  

That's why Stella’s Socks works with leading community organizations, homeless shelters, food banks, religious centers and family clinics to distribute 100,000 pairs of socks to those in need.

Every Year.

The Homeless Problem is Our Problem

Every day more than 50,000 homeless and homeless youth feel the impact of poverty. Without food, shelter, access to basic health & hygiene or meaningful human interaction, many end up on the streets. They are our mothers, our fathers, our children and the elderly. They are our neighbors, coworkers and friends. 

Harsh conditions can lead to chapped, bruised and blistered feet, which makes reaching food banks and shelters difficult. 

Partnering for Solutions

Stella’s Socks has partnered with leading sock manufacturers like BOMBAS to deliver socks to a sophisticated network of local and regional community organizations, homeless shelters, food banks, religious centers and family clinics working on the front lines and addressing poverty and homelessness. 

We are always looking to partner with companies looking to change the world. If you are a sock company, have access to socks or would like to partner with us to change the world, we'd love to hear from you! 

Our Story

Shelter. For Your Feet.

Stella’s Socks was launched in 2017 after daughter/dad team, Stella Vaughan-Verk (13) and Jonathan Verk (42) spent Sundays volunteering in a local shelter making lunches for homeless and homeless youth in Santa Monica. It was clear to them that without socks, their fellow Angelinos would suffer injuries and foot-related pain that make it difficult- if not impossible- to reach the facilities and shelters that offer them food, support and community.

Who we are

Stella Vaughan-Verk

Stella is a student at LA’s Westside Neighborhood School. She is an avid dancer and community activist having lead several high-profile initiatives including ‘Bike with Mike’ with LA Councilman, Mike Bonin. 

Stella launched Stella's Socks with funds she received from her Bat Mitzvah. 

Jonathan Verk

Jonathan is a recovering media guy and cofounder of social impact startup, coParenter, a platform for separating, divorced and never married parents to help them save money, stay out of court and make better decisions for their kids. More importantly, he is Stella’s dad. 

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Greg Economou

 Chief Commercial Officer, Ticketmaster 

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 EVP Marketing, Nickelodeon

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 Social Entrepreneur, Not Impossible Labs 

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Director of Clinical Programs, Step Up Hollywood

Oscar Vaughan-Verk

 Brother, Student, Comedian, Canadian 

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Rabbi, Wilshire Boulevard Temple

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